Marex has 27,000 Km of legacy scientific data acquired by the French during the Cold War which extend offshore from southern Tanzania to offshore South Africa. It also has 3000 km of petroleum exploration seismic (24 fold CDP) offshore Madagascar. More recently, 98 fold CDP 2D seismic reconnaissance lines were acquired in 2001 followed by a 10,000 km regional 2D multi client seismic survey shot in 2005 by TGS.

A total of 100 onshore and offshore well data are also available.

Two regional reports are also available; One by the Institut Français du Pétrole (in French) and one by Rusk Bertagne and Associates, plus Marex's proprietary report about prospects in the Mozambique Channel.

The 12,500 km of 2D seismic aquired by SAPETRO in 2012 are also proprietary to Marex as well as the 9000 sq km of 3D which are being acquired.

Other regional studies and a regional Gravity and Aeromagnetic survey acquired by Roc Oil are available.


Marex is debt free and has the capital required to finance its share of all the ventures in which it participates. As a privately held corporation operating worldwide the status of its finances is confidential. However, banking references can be furnished to potential partners and/or host governments as the need arises and upon signature of a confidentiality agreement.