Marex Petroleum Corporation also dba Marex, Inc.

A Texas (USA) corporation created in 1982. It is a privately held corporation with Robert G. Bertagne as its President and Michael G. Bertagne as its Senior Vice-President.


Marex M C, Inc: The subsidiary to develop the Malagasy properties


Rusk, Bertagne and Associates (Houston, Texas): The affiliate to develop the scientific assets in the Mozambique Channel.


Etablissements Maurel & Prom (Paris, France): The French partners of Marex in the Lavignolle and Mios concessions (25%), They are a French public corporation operating and producing worldwide (28,000 BOPD) and quoted on the Paris stock exchange.

Indorama Oil SAS: The French subsidiary of Indorama Energy Pty Ltd based in Singapore and in turn the subsidiary of the Indorama Corporation based in Jakarta , Indonesia. It is a multi-national operating in 20 countries and a major producer of plastics, synthetics and medical supplies. It is privately owned.

South Atlantic Petroleum BP SAS: The French subsidiary of South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO) based in Lagos , Nigeria. SAPETRO is a major producer offshore Nigeria (25,000 BOPD) operating in three African territories. It is privately owned.